This space will be ever changing and growing I am sure!

I created nude. as I felt there needed to be a shift in my narrative online. I have always felt that as a fitness instructor I should look or be a certain way & in reality it just left me feeling insecure and disconnected to who I am and what I believe in. I wanted to create an online platform which made Health & Fitness more affirming and accessible to all bodies as well as share information on my personal growth in the industry, classes & news! 

Representation is empowering and it is extremely influential the wellness space. The more we represent all types of bodies engaging in the wellness practises & people see others who they identify with, it can make them feel less alone in their own pursuits. It may even inspire them to join that gym, book on to that yoga class or try a new activity.  Wellness isn't just going to the gym everyday, it is about creating wholeness in many areas of your life- personal life, physical life, social life, occupational life and many more

I am currently taking some time off to focus on my own journey but I will be back very soon....! Love, Jess x

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Balance The Countryside Gym 

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Pilates instructor in Bath who wants to create a culture in which factors like size, age, gender, race or ability don't limit how or where you chose to move. 

Jess found Pilates through dance & quickly realised it is one of the best forms of self love you can give yourself - her aim is to create an inclusive, relaxed & fun place for people to explore and challenge their bodies.